The Chevy Sonic and My First Yelp Review

The Dollar rental car at San Francisco airport has a “manager special”, which is essentially a mystery car reveals when you get to the lot. We ended up with a brand new Chevy Sonic (with just seven miles on the odometer). Some fun facts about the 2019 Chevy Sonic, which I’d never heard of before:

  • Despite the name Sonic, it is not really fast. My dad described it as driving a golf cart. Accelerating onto the highway was tricky.
  • It is the smallest car my dad had ever driven.
  • It comes standard with Apple CarPlay, which is really cool.
  • You can feel every bump on the road, even ones that you can’t see.
  • The trunk is surprisingly big, easily fitting my dad’s carry on and my duffel bag.
The Chevy Sonic. My dad, for scale.

On the way to Napa valley, we stopped at a coffee shop called Red Whale Coffee. It was so great that I wrote my first Yelp review. If you’re ever heading north over the Golden Gate bridge, be sure to stop here for a coffee, snack, and a quick pinball game.

The coffee bar included anything you could need for cold brew, pour over, and espresso.

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