Frequently Asked Questions

During my trip, I’ve been asked a variety of questions from people I know and people I don’t know. Here are some of highlights:

  • Why the west coast? Over the past few years I started doing more travel in the US, and I’ve discovered how much this country I have yet to explore. The US has a lot to offer for travelers. Several years ago, my uncle, who is from California, expressed confusion as to why so many people are traveling to Europe and Asia instead of the US west coast. I can now empathize with him. I also have some friends out in Seattle whom I’ve promised to visit for the past five years but have as of yet failed to do so.
  • Are you planning to move to California and scouting it out? No.
  • What dating apps do you use? Uhhh
  • “I’m driving the Pacific Coast Highway north.” How far are you going? “To Seattle.” Wow that’s really far.
  • Are you Canadian? You sound Canadian. I’ve never been told this before but it happened twice in 24 hours.

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