Bun Alert System

Yesterday was a remarkable day. In addition to staying late at work and talking with coworkers reminiscent of years past, I saw three buns during my walk home. The first I encountered a couple blocks from the office, just before 11pm. It was chilling outside the community garden nearby, probably looking for a good snack. The second and third buns were spotted together, maybe five minutes later, sitting in a driveway. A passing pedestrian noted that they had been there a half hour before, when he walked by in the other direction. They seemed rather fearless, unafraid to let me get closer for a better picture.

In lieu of a legitimate bun alert system, one of my friends and I simply text each other when we encounter buns. What makes bun alerts so wonderful? When I see a bun, I get extremely happy inside. They are magnificently adorable creatures who have learned to survive in the city and coexist with people. When I receive a bun alert, I assume that the sender is feeling just as elated as I do when I spot a bun, and it’s good to know that there exists such simple, raw joy in the world.

The first bun, by the community gardens on South St
The second and third bun, chilling in a driveway on Wyatt St

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